Friday, June 3, 2011

Facts about Magnesium

Magnesium is the required mineral for good health. It was Sir Humphry Davy who segregated magnesium from Epson salts as magnesium does not exists in Free State. Magnesium is found in different proportions in different parts of our body; half of it is in cells and tissues, other half combined with other materials form our body framework and only a very little of it is found in our blood. Magnesium is there fore essential for proper functioning of nervous system, heart, regulation of blood pressure and for maintaining our bones. It also helps to metabolize energy and to break proteins for proper digestion.

The requirement of magnesium of our body cannot be met with the food we eat daily as it contains a meager amount of magnesium. To fulfill the need of the body one needs to eat variety of green vegetables as the chlorophyll pigment contains magnesium, other than this the mineral can be found in nuts, seeds and few whole grains. Fruits should also be taken in good amount. For non vegetarians meats and sea foods are of great help.

People involved in heavy physical activities should be on high magnesium diet as it helps in transmitting oxygen to the tissues, magnesium helps children in increasing their concentration level.

As excess of anything is bad same is the case with magnesium, in case of excess intake of magnesium a person might suffer kidney failure, muscle weakness, cramps, irregularity of heartbeats and extreme diarrhea. Generally people who are alcoholic, or are suffering with gastrointestinal and renal diseases are magnesium deficient.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency are irritation, tiredness, loss of appetite and concentration, muscular weakness and abnormal heartbeat. Women need to be very careful about their magnesium intake after menopause the deficiency might lead to osteoporosis.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

G. I. Gurdjieff Facts

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, popularly known as G.I. Gurdjieff, a famous mystic and spiritual teacher, is believed to have born on January 14, 1866. His date of birth is, however, not confirmed till date but the conjectures range from 1866-1877. Gurdjieff is said to have born to a Greek father and Armenian mother in Alexandropol. He got his name, Gurdjieff, on the account of Muslim people around Georgia addressing the Georgian people as ‘gurdjis’.

He described his discipline “The Work” (signifying “work on oneself”) as per Gurdjieff’s principles and instructions, or primarily the “Fourth Way”. He had also described his teachings, at one point, as “esoteric Christianity”. He averred that “Man lives in sleep, and in sleep he dies.” This quote states that, according to Gurdjieff, one cannot see reality in his current state as he does not have power over consciousness but to a certain extent lives in a state of hypnotic “waking sleep”. Above and beyond, Gurdjieff had also given many additional ideas based on his principles.

Gurdjieff believed in self-development teachings and described them as “esoteric Christianity”. He denied the traditional methods of self-knowledge where knowledge is gained through pain, devotion, and study via being the ‘fakir’, ‘monk’, and ‘yogi’. According to Gurdjieff, these, instead, led to varied forms of stagnation and one-sidedness. Gurdjieff believed in augmenting the conventional ways of teaching, through his innovative methods, which moved along the developmental process.

The most notable ideas and thoughts of Gurdjieff were – the Fourth Way, Fourth Way Enneagram, Centers, Ray of Creation, and Self-remembering. Gurdjieff’s thoughts have perhaps best acknowledged through his pupils’ published works.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

J.D. Salinger Facts

J.D. Salinger, short for Jerome David Salinger, a famous American novelist and short story writer, was born in 1919 in a prosperous Jewish family. Salinger completed his early schools and was then sent to Valley Forge Military Academy from 1934-1936. While he was attending NYU and Columbia University, he started submitting short stories for publication. His stories were usually published in various periodicals like Saturday Evening Post and Story. However, after being rejected many times, Salinger got the first chance to get his story published with the New Yorker in 1948 and he wrote for the publication till 1965. Salinger has written numerous interesting and popular stories, the most popular one being his novel 'The Catcher in the Rye (1951)'.

Some interesting facts from Salinger's life:

- Salinger's book 'The Cather in the Rye' talks about troubled teenager after he has been expelled from school. 'The Catcher in the Rye' was a censored book and also, on the contrary, among the most taught books of the 20th century.

- John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman had copy with him when he assassinated John Lennon.

- When book became bestseller Salinger retired to his cabin in the woods separated from the rest of the world. There he spent most of his life. He died January 27, 2010 at the age of 91. He never published another book, but he continued writing for his own pleasure.

- Salinger had left Austria just one month prior to when the country fell under Hitler's rule. However, his father had always wanted to join him as a meat importer for which he had sent Salinger to Austria.

- Salinger had also served the country army during World War II and was one of the first American soldiers who had entered a liberated concentration camp.

- Salinger has been, many a times, changing to a Zen Buddhist, to a Christian Scientist, and to a Scientologist.

- Was married, but extremely controlling forcing his wife and kids to live in solitude, separated from humanity and civilization.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting Facts about Tornado

Tornado is a violent storm commonly known as a twister that brings destruction to people and property. Tornadoes mostly hit the United States of America although they might come anytime and anywhere. Tornadoes are high speed winds that hit the place generally in the months of March to May. The speed and size of the tornado can vary to any extent. Tornadoes are generally accompanied with thunderstorms. Some common signs of tornadoes are dark, blackish green sky, hailstorm and loud sounds like that of a yelling train etc.

The main reason of occurrence of a tornado is the meeting of warm air that rises up the ground with the cool air that rushes down to descend. A tornado may rotate either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The speed of rotation of this funnel shaped tornado is so high that it destroys everything that comes in its way. The strength of a tornado is so high that it can uproot trees, blow the roofs of the buildings or even crumple down buildings to ashes. The color of a tornado depends upon two factors the surroundings and the time of the day. The tornado is a noisy wind; the sound of which can be either high or low depending upon the obstructions in the way.

It has been recorded that almost eight hundred to one thousand tornadoes hit America every year killing 80 people and injuring around fifteen hundred. Other tornado prone areas are south of Canada, south of Africa, some regions of Australia, New Zealand and Asia. "Tri-state" tornado that hit United States of America in March 18, 1925 was the deadliest tornado and tornado in Oklahoma in 1999 was the most destructive tornado known to men. Interesting fact about tornado is that some people survived being in the middle of tornado.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oldest Tree Facts

Oldest Tree Facts

Trees are something that can staggeringly grow to old ages. They can live much longer than any other animal or plant. As a matter of fact, many trees attain implausible longevity for a number of exclusive potentials. Some of these capabilities include the potential to replace lost or damaged organs, a sectored vascular system that helps some portions of the tree to stay alive irrespective of the fact that whether the rest of the tree is alive or not. Another reason for the long life of some trees is their potential to produce a clone shoot whereby an accessible shoot can generate a heritable indistinguishable offshoot. In Sweeden there is a Christmas tree, also known as a Yule tree which has root system that has been growing for 9,550 years (sometime around the end of the Ice Age). The actual offshoot of the tree is only 600 years old.

Trees are really intriguing and very interesting organisms. The oldest living-standing tree on earth is a bristlecone pine that is found in California, North America, and is believed to be over 4600 years old. Exact location of the tree is hidden since its old buddy "Prometheus" was cut down for "research" purposes. The age of the tree can be counted by counting the rings in its trunk.

Some more trees that possess a long life are mentioned below:

This tree, when cut, was approximately 4862-5000 years old. The tree was situated on the Wheeler Peak and was cut by a graduate student for the sheer purpose of his research.

This tree is believed to belong to Pinus longaeva species of trees. This species is known for its enduring life.

This tree belongs to the Cypress species of trees and is generally found in different countries of Asia, America, Australia, and Europe.

Llangernyw Yew
This tree belongs to the Common yew specifies of trees and is found in Western, central, and southern Europe along with Asia and Africa

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Roots of this tree in Sweden date back to Ice Age.

fact image

Bristlecove tree 4600 years old.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Solved a Century Old Problem

Solved a Century Old Problem

Poincare conjecture is one of the mathematical theorems that has been demonstrated recently passably to the point that it can be taken as a full theorem. You can find various definitions for Poincare Conjecture on different websites. For example, according to Wikipedia "In mathematics, the Poincare conjecture (French, ) is a theorem about the characterization of the three-dimensional sphere among three-dimensional manifolds."
Poincare conjecture has been one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems and above all, this is the first ever and only Millennium Prize Problem that has been solved. The Poincare Conjecture states that if a compact 3-D manifold has no boundary and is simply connected, then it is said to be homeomorphic to a 3-D sphere. This conjecture is believed to have been formulated in 1904 by Henri Poincare, a French mathematician, as an elemental for achieving a perceptive of three dimensional shapes, 3-D sphere being the simplest one.

This conjecture was recently provided with a breakthrough proof by numerous new elements introduced by Perelman. He gained complete perceptive of singularity formation in Ricci flow, in addition to the manner of collapsing of the parts of a shape onto lower-dimensional spaces. He solved the problem by introducing entropy as a new quantity. This entropy measures the disorder in the space's global geometry instead of measuring the disarray at the atomic level. Besides, he also pioneered a related local quantity, the L-functional, which was used that proved that the time between the configuration of singularities could not become smaller and smaller.
Perelman has enriched mathematics by deploy his new ideas and methods with utmost technicalities and describing the obtained results with elegant succinctness.

The interesting fact is that Grigory Perelman declined the prize of one million dollars which comes with the Fields medal which is equivalent of the Nobel Prize for mathematics. Perelman is currently unemployed living with his mom in a small apartment near St. Petersburg. Interfax, a Russian news agency, quoted him as saying. "To put it short," he said, "the main reason is my disagreement with the organized mathematical community. I don't like their decisions; I consider them unjust."

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sputnik 1 Facts

Sputnik 1 Facts

The Sputnik Program, more commonly known as ‘companion’, is known to be a group of numerous robotic spacecraft operations launched by the Soviet Union. Sputnik 1, the first of these, is the first known human made object to enter the space. Sputnik 1 was launched into the space on October 4, 1957. The launch laid bare the expediency of the usage of artificial sites for the exploration of upper atmosphere.

The word ‘sputnik’ is said to have Russian origin with the literal meaning ‘co-traveler’, ‘satellite’, or ‘travelling companion’. Sputnik 1, when launched, featured a diameter measuring 58cm (23”) and a weight of 83.6 kg (183 lb.). It took about 96 minutes to complete each of the 1440 elliptical orbits.

The launch of Sputnik 1 had surprised the US as this launch was coupled with the magnificent failure of the USA’s first two attempts for the launch of Project Vanguard. The launch of Sputnik 1 had had a very positive impact in the space research world. Firstly, it led to the up come of Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, and NASA. Besides, it had also inspired various youngsters to form a generation of engineers and scientists. Moreover, the launch of Sputnik 1 also inspired Herb Caen, a U.S. writer to lay claim to the term “beatnik” in the San Francisco Chronicle about the Beat Generation.

To conclude with, it would not be wrong to say that Sputnik 1 has proved to be not only a landmark in human space flight but has also been the inaugurating achievement in the “Space Race”. Besides, it has also given birth to a cohort of scientists and engineers.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Temporary Marriage in Iran

Temporary Marriage in Iran

Anonymous in the West, temporary marriage is, basically, a contractual deal between a man and a woman who decide to be married for an agreed period of time varying from one hour to 99 years. This custom is practiced among the Shiites of Iran and Iraq, although not a part of Quranic teachings. In Iran, a man - bachelor or married, and a woman - virgin, divorced, or widowed, can, at any time enter into a temporary marriage contract, commonly known as sigheh or nekah-e-monghate'e.

In a temporary marriage contract, no registration or witness is required. As per the proponents of this arrangement, it is considered as a means of curbing free sex and control prostitution. Also, the arrangement allows a man to have 'sigheh' wives to an extent that is affordable by him. But a woman, on the other hand, is allowed to enter only one such relationship at a point of time. Moreover, the woman is also paid the compensation amount before entering the contract.

However, no couple can enter another contract before completing a waiting period of three months or an elapse of two menstrual cycles. This waiting period is referred as 'edda'. The trend of temporary marriage is, conversely, not liked by the educated middle class families. Also, some women are predisposed to think it as legal prostitution and, therefore, oppose the trend. This trend is, therefore, practiced more commonly by women who are either divorced or widowed. Additionally, the trend is also popular among theological seminaries and the clergy.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toucan Facts

Toucan Facts Toucan is a brightly colored bird commonly found in the rain forests of the Central and South America. Toucans are birds with variety in color as well as the size. Bright in color having red, blue, yellow, orange etc. and the size varies from 14 to 30 inches. These birds have a distinguished feature by having a long bill that is approximately half the size of their body. This bill is not very sharp or strong but is made of a tough material and helps the bird in getting food from inside the holes of the trees and help them protect themselves. The birds live on trees in a group of six to seven birds. They have big claws that help them balance on the trees, the two claws are in the front and two at the back. There colorful wings help them ambush with the leaves and the fruits. They are quite lazy birds and do not fly high or far away, they stay in the jungles and enjoy the fruits of the trees on which they live.

Toucans are forgivers as well as omnivores. Though they mainly eat fruits but also feed upon insects, rodents, reptiles, eggs and chicks of the other birds. Toucans are mostly hunted by the humans, big birds, jaguars and wild cats. There are almost 37 species of toucans. They generally stay alone or with a mate. The female gives 3 to 4 eggs at a time and both together incubate the eggs. The young ones have very small bill which takes few months to develop properly. They are very noisy and make loud sounds. When it comes to rest they roll themselves and sleep in the holes of the trees. The facts show that Toco Toucan with orange yellowish colored bill about 7.5 inches is the largest toucan and the smallest species is the Aracar Toucanet. Toucans are related to woodpeckers.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Worm Penis Fight

Worm Penis Fight

Penis fight, also referred as penis fencing, is basically a mating activity performed by certain species of flatworm, for example Pseudobiceros hancockanus. These flatworms are mainly hermaphrodites, i.e. a species not having a specific sex. Each individual flatworm features two penises which are white and pointed. Being hermaphrodites, each individual possesses both - ovaries to produce eggs and testes to produce sperms.

To perform the act of mating through penis fencing, each of the two flatworms attacks the other with its pair of sharp penises that feature the shape of a two-headed dagger. The process involves an aggressive battle during which both the flatworms try to pierce the other one's skin with one of their penises. The defeated one is inseminated by the winner organism, which moves away from the brutal one night stand scotch free. The skin of the loser organism absorbs the sperm through pores of skin, thereby resulting in fertilization and then child bearing.

The act of Penis Fencing is the strangest feature surrounding flatworms. Just because these are born as hermaphrodites that feature both male and female parts, certain genus of flatworms must get involved in an activity to decide on roles as male and female. The act of penis fencing is necessary for child bearing so as to continue with the species. However, the process demands a substantial amount of time and energy from both the organisms involved, more commonly the mother. None of the organism, therefore, desires to play the female part just for the reason that pregnancy is very strenuous on their body.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Social Media High School Yearbook 2011

Folks at Flowtown have created a nice infographic showing most of the Social Media Products as students of highschool. The yearbook of the Social Media High School Class of 2011 has got almost all your favorite social media networks and sites, from Facebook to Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, Groupon, Quora and more. They have depicted different stereotypes and teenage angst for all the social media products included in the list. Although I liked the Class President LinkedIn, not sure how they decided the clubs.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Interesting Facts You Maybe Didn't Know About Nintendo

Nintendo in Japanese means, "Leave luck to heaven". Shigeru Miyamoto, the first staff artist at Nintendo, had always idolized Walt Disney, and given his background in design, realized that in order to conceptualize his dream he need to utilize programming. By 1990, his creation of Mario had already become more recognizable than Mickey Mouse.

The top 3 franchises at Nintendo were: Mario [$240 million], Pokemon [$200 million], and Zelda [$94 million]. Over 534 million games have been sold between Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda. In 2008, Nintendo earned $1.28 million dollars for every employee and during Thanksgiving week in 2009, Nintendo sold 2.5 systems every second.

Nintendo is leading the gaming industry today, and as recognnizable as they are, there are numerous companies who lead various industries with individuals such as Shigeru. Although not an MBA grad, companies like Nintendo set a precedent in what MBA grads can learn outside of school. The enormous growth of this sector should interest any MBA candidate, as it demonstrates an innovative company to join in the future as well as the educational background needed for a position at Nintendo.

Check out below some other interesting facts about Nintendo:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 10 Hotest Psycho Girlfriends On YouTube

Nothing puts an expiration date on a relationship quite like invading the personal space and property of a man and then destroying something he holds dear. Here are 10 videos of crazy girlfriends, who also happen to be pretty hot, destroying XBoxes, PS3s, Star Wars collections and more importantly, dreams. Thanks Ranker for this list.

The Original: Girlfriend Smashes Boyfriend's XBox

An oldie but a goodie (and the one that started the console smashing trend in 2010), this blonde had it with her boyfriend and in this oversaturated viral video from early 2010, she proceeds to destroy her boyfriend's XBox with a golf club. It was covered in news stories all over the internet and mainstream media, and garnered a new hatred for unsupportive girlfriends, as well as a wave of "alright, maybe we SHOULD spend more quality time together".

Her boyfriend later smashed her laptop in a retort video showing that not only was this one probably fake, but that they prank each other all the time. So before anyone says anything in the comments, they didn't make the list because they're both cool with the pranks and put them on net. This means that not only do they have a great relationship, but that the girl is absolutely, unbelievably cool.

Pissed Off Girlfriend Unloads His Stuff in NYC

This crazy/beautiful redhead loads up her SUV with a guy named Stephen's belongings and yells at him on a public street in New York. She unloads his most valuable belongings while smashing them in front of a small crowd.

Luckily, one of them chose to film it with their camera phone. As she's standing there, symbolically breaking all of this cheating bastard's belongings, she smashes his laptop, bends his golf clubs and almost smashes his flatscreen TV before one of the bystanders begs her not to. She doesn't, and the guy gets a free TV, which must have been one of the coolest moments of his life.

She goes on to yell at the guy and curse him for what he did in a public forum which goes to show that you should never EVER cheat on your girlfriend because, among other things, you never know what kind of monster you're going to create.

This is Scarier Than Paranormal Activity

I have absolutely no idea what happened, I have no idea why she's so angry or if the guy even deserved it, but dear lord is this scary. This girl goes absolutely insane at this guy and then comes at his car with a shovel. Her friends try and calm her down to no avail, but the whole time she sounds like she's been possessed by some evil force.

Surely, right before the effects of a world-wide running-zombie apocalypse, these are the first signs that lead to the aggression that would cause people to devour human flesh. Despite of what happened here, unless this guy killed her entire family after he banged her best friend, there is no reason for any human being to act this way. Absolutely insane.

Hot Sugar Momma Destroys PS3

This guy sounded pretty pissed. So as one of the guys who actually kind of seems like he has it coming on this list, this fed-up girlfriend decides, at 3AM, to teach her boyfriend a lesson. She angrily stomps downstairs and asks her boyfriend if he knows what time it is. He says no because he's too busy playing the really overrated and underwhelming Ghostbusters game that came out in 2009 and then he tells her to get him something to drink.

This is when shit truly hits the fan. She goes nuts on his new PS3 (this is when it first came out, too, so they were actually pretty rare at the time and extremely expensive), smashes it, and then the camera cuts out after he throws her off of the wreckage of his new purchase.

Girlfriend Deletes WOW Characters

While a World of Warcraft addict goes out to get a pack of cigarettes, his girlfriend expresses, on video, her disdain for his favorite pastime. She goes on to say that she's going to fix this, which at this point in the list is absolutely terrifying. This guy was supposed to be going on a raid that night, and much like cutting off the water supply in the city as soon as firefighters are needed to put out a fire at a 5-story orphanage, she makes sure that it's not possible for him to raid.

What does she do? She erases hundreds of hours of work by deleting ALL of his Warcraft characters. People have been killed for doing less. This is like throwing paint on a famous work of modern art, or knocking over an award winning sandcastle right before the judging.

Understandably the guy is pissed, but after the initial "I just lost my wallet" feeling he experiences, he flips a lid, and doesn't even suspect his girlfriend. He takes it out on his monitor. It's pretty brutal, and she's pretty insane. Why is she on this list? Well... she sounds kinda hot, but her "psycho" quality is off the freaking charts :)

Also, it's more probable than not that she's hot because most of the girls who pull this stuff on the internet, and are so comfortable talking to cameras (which is literally talking to a machine while you're alone) are attractive, used to a lot of attention because of that and fight back when they don't get it.


In another mean-for-no-reason act of psychosis, a girlfriend decides to prank on her boyfriend just because. The prank? To make sure she never gets treated to an expensive dinner, and that he'll never wait until she finishes first, ever again.

This blonde girl sets up a series of mousetraps in a row and decides to make her boyfriend fall down on them, attacking his fingers, legs, chest, face and anywhere else a trap closed. The plan is actually kind of funny: to set the mousetraps up at the foot of his bed and then at 3 o'clock in the morning wake him up to tell him his car is getting towed. It happens, everything goes to plan, and the guy is in excruciating pain. Girls like this need to find better hobbies than terrorizing the one dude who will put up with their crap.

Call of Duty 4 or Girlfriend?

So basically, this insanely hot girl is sick of her boyfriend playing video games with his friends all the time. And much like everyone on this list, she doesn't talk to him about it, she doesn't leave him or try and consider why she IS with him, she decides to go insane. She tells the guy filming, who obviously wants to bang her, what is going on as this douche prepares to pull a horrible, expensive and heartless prank on a guy who probably doesn't all the way deserve it. She grabs a bat from her HUGE truck and walks in on her boyfriend and all his friends playing video games and smashes the XBox repeatedly with the bat while they're playing games, ostensibly losing them a crucial match that embarrassed them all.

The most annoying part is how hard the douchebag who's taping this is laughing. He's obviously too ugly for her to want to bang him, so he's trying to get in her good graces, so he supports completely dissing someone who he probably pretended to be "bros" with on camera. So to answer the question posed by this YouTube video "Call of Duty 4 or Girlfriend?", even though she's kind of a Hispanic Kristen Bell, the answer in this case is "Call of Duty 4 IS my girlfriend" :)

Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation

So a guy gets the golden opportunity to backpack through Europe for 2 weeks. He tells his friends and family, even tells his girlfriend and calls her to say goodbye the night before he leaves. She ends up forgetting this ever happened because she's a bad listener. The guy has his phone turned off throughout his trip to Europe in order to avoid roaming charges, which is why he doesn't answer his phone. She ends up sending email, after email, after email, having completely forgotten that he was in Europe. The emails go from fun, to worried, to angry, to seething, to vengeful (she ends up sleeping with someone to get back at him for "cutting her off") to apologetic when his mom tells her where he was.

You really just need to watch this. It is golden. The reason this is both a hot AND psycho girlfriend entry is that the girl is obviously hot. She sends him emails about getting hit on constantly and even letting guys buy her a drink and as soon as they hand her the drink she says "you remind me of my boyfriend" which #1 an unattractive girl would not do because c'mon and #2 is a standard hot-girl move and a type of robbery that should be punishable by fine.

Girlfriend Destroys Star Wars Collection

Unfortunately the girl on the left, the blonde one, is pretty cute. So, she got a boyfriend somehow, despite being a talking, somehow-walking and breathing piece of crap. But that's not why she's on this list. She's on this list because this is the most psycho girlfriend on this list because she doesn't do it while laughing maniacally, like crazy girl up there, she does it while celebrating with her friends, calmly and happily.

So, the girl goes into a room with a Star Wars collection. A really awesome one. Like, vintage figures in well-lit glass cases good. And she's going to teach him a lesson. Why? BECAUSE HE WENT TO VEGAS. That's it. The guy decided to take a weekend in Vegas with his close buddies and just because he hasn't proposed to her, she decides to break his Star Wars figures which she calls "cheap and plastic Star Wars toys". Some things like that can be worth over $1500!

Girl Destroys Her Ex's Starcraft 2 Beta Key

So this girl basically does what was, at the time, the unthinkable. She didn't go out and bang his best friend or key his car or break anything he owned ... except his spirit. People have waited YEARS for Starcraft 2 to come out. Starcraft 2 was one of the most preciously anticipated games of the last 10 years and Beta access to an early version of the game was like having a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket or more.

So, when "Brad" received his Starcraft 2 Beta key in the mail, which would have allowed him access to the wonders of Starcraft 2, his email had been hacked by his ex-girlfriend. The hottie that he dumped for obvious, "I don't want my children to grow up deaf" reasons had not only hacked into his email, but deleted his Starcraft 2 Beta key email. On top of that, she printed it out before doing so just so she could video tape herself shredding it. The comic timing of where the video ends is priceless.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make Fantastic Sci-Fi Characters By Using Paper Only

We all watch sci-fi movies, and are impressed by the futurism and the fantastic creatures portrayed. Shunichi Makino, a Japanese graphic designer, has taken that passion of the movies down onto paper, and has been crafting breathtaking paper models of sci-fi creations. For years he has been crafting sci-fi creations out of paper, and in his collection you can find Star Wars characters, the Terminator, Iron Man and others. Makino has also made it possible for everyone to download the patterns in PDFs so that you can cut it and built the models yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Mister Makino says designing the elaborate paper models was a lot more difficult than actually building them. Putting the paper cut-outs together is the fun part.

Download patterns to make a Millennium Falcon (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9)

Download patterns to make a U.S.S. Enterprise (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14)

Download patterns to make a Darth Vader (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Download patterns to make a Stormtrooper (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Download patterns to make a Jango Fett (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Download patterns to make a R2-D2 (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Download patterns to make a c3po (1 & 2)

Download patterns to make a Robocop (1, 2 & 3)

Download patterns to make a Terminator (1, 2, 3 & 4)

Download patterns to make a Optimus Prime the Transformers (1, 2 & 3)

Download patterns to make a Iron Man (1, 2 & 3)
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scratching The Walls To Create Street Art

We want to share with you this inspiring and refreshing wall art by Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils, but contrarly to other steet artists that put paint on the walls, he creates large scale portraits by scratching and chipping plasters out of walls of depleted buildings. His works give new life to decrepit buildings, while helping them retain a timely character at the same moment. Often his works leave chipped away plaster at their base, tipping off observers as to how the piece was created. Farto's work has made an impact far and wide, with examples in many European cities and New York.




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Thursday, March 17, 2011

9 Most Awesome Jobs Most Men Would Die For

Finding a job is hard. But one should never give up hope in landing that dream job. Even if you have a job, there's a good chance that if you're reading this at work, you aren't being productive. There are some jobs out there that are just so damn awesome that they are worth describing in further detail. Below is a list with the 9 most awesome jobs for men which some lucky guys landed making us pretty jealous.

Wine & Beer Taster

When you have a job like this, you have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside more often than most of us do. Every brewery needs a brew master, every winery needs a chief and these are the guys that ensure quality by making sure the products taste right. We all drink beer and wine probably on a regular basis but the main difference between us and these guys is that they get it for free, they get the best and they also get paid pretty damn well for drinking all day long. Cheers to that!

Medical Marijuana Tester

These are the guys that literally get a high from their jobs! Since marijuana dispensaries pop up in more and more states there was a need for someone who can test the quality of these places and their products. So, if you want to get high on a regular basis and maybe even get paid for it, this job might be perfect for you. But you have to be able to legally buy your own medical marijuana.

Food Critic & Travel Writer

Actually these could be two different jobs but they go really well together. Getting paid to eat is a great way to make a living and one that very few have the luxury of experiencing but getting paid to eat and also travel to different places around the world is amazing! Think of Anthony Bourdain. He basically gets paid to fly around the world sampling crazy food for his show No Reservations drinking, smoking, having fun and eating while getting paid the entire time.

Paradise Island Caretaker

Ben Southall beat out nearly 35,000 applicants from around the world for the dream assignment to swim, explore and relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef while also writing a blog to promote the area. He got a six month contract to serve as caretaker of this tropical Australian island worth $111,000 and he has to live in a three bedroom villa complete with pool and so on. If there are any paradise islands which need a caretaker, I'm available for the job. Oh yeah!

Prostitute Quality Control

Yes, I know what you're thinking again. Why is the woman in the cop outfit not wearing a mask like the others? Jaime Rascone has a job that most men would die for to have. He is in charge of quality control of a brothel in Santiago, Chile. Any girl that is thinking about working for Madam Fiorella's brothel undergoes many tests. First, they do a typical job interview followed by a psychological evaluation. The girls then go to photoshoots. After this, girls are eliminated until six are remaining. This is where Jaime comes in. He has sex with the remaining six girls in one day, all the while taking notes on how they move, talk and act during sex. He then gives his notes to Madam Fiorella. Unfortunately, the job is so "stressful" that he can only do it once a month. Poor guy.

Waterslide Tester

Where do I sign up for such a job? Well, you'll have to ask Tommy Lynch. He is the official "Lifestyle Product Development Manager" for First Choice and his job requires him to travel the world testing the company's waterslides at their resorts. He tests for water quality, speed, height and just general ?fun-ness? of the slides. Lynch has been to resorts in Greece, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cyprus, Turkey and many other exotic places. The toughest part of his job? Going down the slides when it is cold out.

Spy for the Government

I don't really know if spy for the government is the right job I'm thinking of. Something like James Bond is doing in all his movies, being a secret agent or something like that. I'm a big Bond fan and I'm pretty sure we'd all love to be like him. This job would involve an insane paycheck, guns, gadgets, hideouts, secret missions and.. you can get any women you want. The only downer is your life is practically a secret but I'm sure you won't care about that ... right?

Victoria's Secret Photographer

Actually being a photographer for any fashion magazine would be great too. You'll meet hot models and celebrities on a daily basis, shoot beautiful faces, get free tickets to fashion shows and other celebrity events and so on. But being a Victoria's Secret photographer ... that's even better. You'll shoot those delightful angels wearing only sexy lingerie or bikinis in exotic locations, you'll have a crazy night life and of course, make shit load of money.

Top Gear Presenter

If you've never heard of Top Gear, you probably lived under a rock until now. It's one of the most popular TV shows in the world and probably the best and funniest TV show about cars. The show is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and all they do all week long is testing supercars, doing crazy challenges, hitting into each other and well ... saying a lot of shit words on public tv. They wear jeans to the office every day because the office is a demolished airfield and hangar and a regular Friday for a Top Gear presenter might involve racing a Bugatti Veyron against a jet for example.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

9 Most Bizzare Jobs No Man Would Ever Want

If you belong in the majority, then you probably don't like going to work. Long hours, crap pay and boring work where you spend most of your time thinking about how this is a waste of your life. However, next time you're at work, just be glad you haven't got any of these jobs!

Road Kill Cleaner

Most people would cross the road to avoid roadkill we see on the road. Be it the gross sight or the unbearable rotting stench, lets face it ? roadkill is vulgar. So imagine now that not only did you job involve it, it WAS your job! Roadkill cleaners have to remove all sorts of roadkill from our roads not matter what stage of decomposition they are at. This job needs a severely strong stomach as there are guts n brain splint all over the road most of the times.

Sewer Cleaner

When you think of bad jobs, many people automatically think of jobs that involve human waste, and you can't really be more involved with human waste that a sewer cleaner. However sewer cleaners in the UK and US aren't as bad as some people think, since you get full protective gear and a very good wage. However things are much different in places like India, where sewer cleaners wear no protective clothing and have to sometimes wade or swim though human excrement, in nothing more than a pair of shorts! Uggh!

Chimney Sweeper

The unfortunate person partaking in this age old profession is sure to be covered in soot and ash by the end of the day. It a fact that around the turn of the twentieth century people use to use young children to chimney sweep because they were small enough to fit inside the tiny chimneys some structures used.

Animal Masturbator

There are many jobs which require the sperm of an animal, researchers and farmers are just a couple who require such a product. And the only way to obtain the sperm is of course to masturbate the animal and catch it in a pot. Whether its a pig, ram or bull its a job that not many people would want to do. When dealing with a bull there have been cases were people have been seriously injured during this procedure and even ended up in hospital.

Termite Controller

Hate ants, small little things crawling up your pants every time you set foot on the grass. Imagine dealing with termites every day of your life?!

Armpit Sniffer

When we go to the supermarket to buy deodorant, we are drawn in by all the colorful packaging and the nice scents. But, before those bottles hit the shelves, someone needs to make sure they actually do what they are meant to do ? mask body odor. This job comes down to the armpit sniffers who get to sniff smelly armpits all day long to ensure that their deodorant is effective. One would presume the pay rate is pretty good, which may be the only upside to this job.

Chicken Sexer

The job of the chicken sexer is to determine the $ex of baby chickens when they hatch, so that they can be sent off to the appropriate location for their future life, as a battery hen or dinner for four. This job requires a gentle hand, a good eye and the ability to drift off and forget that your whole working life is going to be spent looking at chicken's $ex organs.

Ball Diving

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the golf balls that go into the water on golf courses? Now you know, golf ball divers go in occasionally to retrieve them. It is a highly paid job and it can be extremely dangerous. The best part of the job is that when you are done you can put on your plus-fours and play a round of golf.

Vomit Collector

And the last but not the least! As we all know from experience, traveling on sideshow attractions can make us a little queasy. More often than not at least one person on the more exciting rides will have a little spew. Unfortunately, this produces quite a lot of vomit every day, and some very unlucky people get the job of cleaning it up. Next time you hate your job think of the poor vomit collector working at your local fair ground.

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